Our North Sea Vision

The SwitcH2 vision is to utilise a central location in the North Sea to produce green hydrogen. This will be done by connecting the H2 FPSO to a bottom fixed wind park, utilizing the offshore wind energy as the primary source of power for the onboard. Once the hydrogen is produced, the FPSO will be connected to the existing gas infrastructure, allowing the hydrogen to be brought onshore efficiently and at low cost. The use of the existing gas infrastructure and the planned dedicated hydrogen infrastructure, out green hydrogen can be delivered to off-takers in the Benelux, the UK and Germany.

Our Worldwide Vision

2. Consortium Formation and Financial Structuring

Q1 - Q4 2024

Having successfully concluded the Proof of Concept, SwitcH2 has proceeded to the next phase. Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Offtake Agreements are currently being negotiated and next year the Asset Owning Consortium comprising industry players will be formed. The funding for the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) scope, the Operations contract and the Project Management contract will be secured through a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). With a fully ESG compliant proposition, we know we can count on the support of numerous large equity and debt providers.

1. Engineering Foundations

Present - Mid 2024

The green hydrogen and ammonia FPSO project embarks on a structured journey mirroring typical large-scale industrial initiatives. Initiated by SwitcH2, this phase focuses on concept, basic, and detailed engineering processes. An agreed Basis of Design serves as the blueprint, meticulously detailing design parameters for the H2/NH3 FPSO. As of July 2022, DNV has granted Approval in Principle, validating the project’s technical credibility. This engineering groundwork is anticipated to be concluded by mid-2024.

3. Implementation and Delivery

2025 - 2028

Entering the final phase, the SPV will have commissioned the Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Installation (EPCI) scope, the Project Management scope the Operations contract,. The Project Management services will also include Interface management, to ensure a delivery on time and on budget. The Operations Contract is aimed at the safe and reliable production, handling and offloading of green hydrogen / green ammonia on board the FPSO. The ultimate objective is to sell green hydrogen / green ammonia to offtakers with first cargoes to be lifted Q1 2029.

FPSO vs Onshore

FPSO vs Fixed Platform

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