Switch 2 Offshore

SwitcH2 designs the next generation of floating production units for green hydrogen and green ammonia, harnessing wind, solar, and wave energy, revolutionizing renewable energy system integration.

Pioneering Offshore Green Energy Innovation

SwitcH2 leads the charge in offshore green energy production through the design, construction and operating a 300 MW electrolyzer and ammonia synthesis unit on an Offshore Floating Production Storage and Offloading Unit (FPSO). Utilizing offshore or onshore generated wind and solar power as well as wave energy generated by our own vessel, we will produce industrial scale green hydrogen and ammonia. From Power Purchase Agreements to Offtake Agreements, we handle the entire value chain, shaping a sustainable energy future.

Why it is needed?

Green ammonia, with its high energy density and ease of storage, is the preferred choice to decarbonize the global shipping industry. With its already established role in the fertilizer market, green ammonia’s potential growth is staggering, projected to be six times larger by 2050. The urgent demand from global shipping makes rapid supply expansion necessary in order for green ammonia to play its key role in the shift towards sustainable, net-zero transportation.

Reliable 24/7 Green Energy Supply

Our system ensures a continuous production of green hydrogen and ammonia by operating round the clock. Because we combine various forms of renewable energy at sea, we achieve high load factors. Customers, including shipping lines and global commodity traders, can rely on a consistent and secure source of certified eco-friendly green hydrogen and its derivatives.

Cost-Effective Offshore Green Solutions

SwitcH2 stands out as a cost-effective offshore solution, calculated in euros per ton of ammonia produced. We use many proven components from the FPSO industry and, thanks to a high load factor, convert electricity from multiple sources efficiently into green molecules. Our cost price for deliveries as of Q1 2029 is in line with market expectations and makes us an attractive option for sustainable energy production.

Stability and Independence

The SwitcH2 concept offers stability by combining wind, solar and wave energy, creating a dependable electrical load for green hydrogen and green ammonia production. This innovation reduces the intermittent nature of standalone wind-, solar- or wave sources, allowing for the development of standalone off-grid solutions. With no reliance on overloaded grids, it provides independence from existing electricity  infrastructure and plays into the energy independency of nations.

Global Scalability and Accessibility

The SwitcH2 concept is highly scalable and adaptable, making it suitable for deployment in offshore areas worldwide. The FPSO can be moored in both shallow and ultra deep waters. With access to affordable and reliable renewable energy sources, our technology can be implemented in various locations, ensuring a greener future on a global scale. Its flexibility makes it accessible to a wide range of communities, promoting widespread adoption of clean energy solutions.

Off Grid Solution

SwitcH2 revolutionizes the energy landscape by producing industrial-scale green hydrogen and ammonia. Addressing shortages in the supply of green hydrogen and green ammonia predicted as early as 2030, SwitcH2 operates off-grid, sidestepping overloaded electrical grids. Leveraging proven FPSO technology, it integrates innovative electrolysis at sea, ensuring a continuous, stable supply of essential green fuels to meet the demands of rapidly growing markets.

Latest news

Underscoring our serious commitment to the development of offshore renewables in Portugal, SwitcH2 filed as first company its interest in the upcoming tenders for floating wind.
We are delighted to announce our ongoing collaboration with thyssenkrupp Uhde, a leading technology partner for the development of the bespoke process plant onboard our green FPSO!
SwitcH2 was featured recently featured in an article in The MotorShip magazine! The article can be found here.
SwitcH2 and partners BW Offfhsore, TU Delft, Strohm and Marin secured a EUR 3million grant from the Dutch government.

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