SwitcH2 BV is founded by 2 veterans in the offshore world of oil, gas and renewable energy with, combined, 5 decades of experience in engineering, project management, subcontracting and financing of large infrastructure projects.

Our specific experience covers the design and successful delivery of FPSO’s, drilling vessels, installation vessels, offshore cranes and renewable energy systems.

Drs Saskia Kunst MBA has gained extensive global executive experience
over 25 years, working with multinationals in Asia and Europe: Hutchison
Port Holdings (Hong Kong / Kuala Lumpur), PSA International (Antwerp,
Genova) and SBM Offshore (Monaco, Amsterdam).
Putting her global executive experience to work she created Consiglio
Corporate Development working on corporate strategy and corporate
development in the field of oil & gas / renewable energy / energy transition
and transport / ports / logistics. Consiglio is a 50% shareholder in SwitcH2 BV.
Saskia is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Energy Transition
Fund in Rotterdam, a € 100mio revolving fund which, through equity and debt, supports themes and companies in the city, port and industrial complex of Rotterdam as part of the energy transition. She is also a non-executive director at Jee Subsea Engineering and Training Ltd.

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Ing. Bob Rietveldt is a naval architect and started his career at Gusto Engineering in 1985 as
Designer and developed into Design Project Manager. In 1990 he got his marketing degree at
NIMA and started to combine his technical and marketing skills.
After successful concept sale and realization of the deep-water drill ships Pride Africa and
Angola, he became Marketing & Sales Manager of Gusto Engineering.
In 2000 Bob created Sea of Solutions, a concept design company for large
construction and drilling vessels for the offshore industry.
Sea of Solutions became very successful with designing vessels for SAPURA,
OORD amongst their clients. In 2008 the Norwegian shipyard group Ulstein
took a majority share in the company which was then called Ulstein Sea of
Solutions. In 2011 Ulstein equipment was created and in 2015 Bob stepped
down as CEO and shareholder of the companies.
He now acts as business consultant in the offshore and maritime industry via
RWRH BV for clients like NOV, KCI and IV Nevesbu and RWRH is a 50% shareholder in SwitcH2 BV.

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My name is Edoardo, and I am a finance enthusiast with a passion for sustainability. My educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Foreign Trade from the University of Venice and a Master of Science in Financial Economics from the University of Maastricht.

My passion lies in finance and investing, particularly in the context of sustainability. I am extremely enthusiastic about the transition toward more environmentally and socially responsible financial practices.

Throughout my academic journey and professional career, I have sharpened my market analysis abilities and implemented innovative investment strategies. From university classrooms to real-world financial environments, I thrived at navigating the complexities of markets and providing clients and stakeholders with customized solutions.

Beyond the figures, I envision a more stable financial future. I want to help people and organizations achieve their financial goals while also having a good impact on the environment and society.

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Ellie Nicholson is currently a Master’s student at the Royal Institute of Technology at KTH studying Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering. With a background in physics from the University of Exeter, she is applying her theoretical knowledge in a more practical application, mainly focusing on the green energy transition. As hydrogen garners growing interest in the global economy, its use in helping towards a decarbonized future is ever more prevalent. As an engineer her goal is to help develop sustainable projects that will aid the creation of a future without carbon and tackle the effects of climate change. As a process engineer for SwitcH2, she is comparing different hydrogen production technologies and designing a plant layout that is fit for the FPSO.

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SwitcH2 is a proud member of the Ammonia Energy Association