August 2023

We are delighted to announce our ongoing collaboration with thyssenkrupp Uhde, a leading technology partner for the development of the bespoke process plant onboard our green FPSO!

For more information please see the press release here.

June 2023

SwitcH2 was featured recently featured in an article in The MotorShip magazine! The article can be found below.

April 2023

SwitcH2 and partners BW Offfhsore, TU Delft, Strohm and Marin secured a EUR 3million grant from the Dutch government.

Grant awarded to consortium members for floating green hydrogen and ammonia project

December 2022

SwitcH2 has filed an application under the HyAccelerator program which SNAM launched in search of innovative ideas to support their plan towards Net Zero, offering our H2 FPSO solution offshore the Italian coast.

To learn more about the HyAccelerator program, click here.

29 October 2022

Big News! SwitcH2 has been selected to present its project to the EU Hydrogen Industry Roundtable on November 22 in Duisburg.

Check out the announcement here.

12 September 2022

DNV report is clear about the demand side for clean shipping fuels: “Ships will run on ammonia and hydrogen ‘within three to eight years’”

For the full article, please follow this link.

6 September 2022 – Grant application has been filed!

SwitcH2 and industry partners filed an application under the MOOI grant: Missiegedreven Onderzoek  Ontwikkeling en Innovatie, managed by RVO on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Nehterlands on September 6. We expect to hear back within 13 weeks and obviously would be very pleased to gain this support from the Dutch state for the development of our green FPSO. 

August 2022 – Rotterdam and Singapore establish green shipping corridor

Two of the world’s leading bunkering ports have signed an MoU to promote the use of green fuels for shipping by 2027. Although multiple alternatives to MGO exist, each with their own pros and cons, these initiatives underscore the importance of making this shift within the shipping industry happen.

Read the news by following this link.

1 July 2022 – SwitcH2 reaches its first milestone: Approval in Principle for our NH3 FPSO

SwitcH2 is proud to announce it has received Approval in Principle from DNV on its design principles for an FPSO which will produce ammonia offshore solely from renewable sources of energy.

June 2022 – CMA CGM orders first methanol vessels

Although the debate in the shipping world about clean fuels for propulsion is not coming to a general conclusion as of yet, forward thinking carrier CMA CGM bites the bullet with a bold order for 6 methanol fueled container vessels. More to come!

For more information, click here.

March 2022 – Energy security is top of mind

Against the dramatic backdrop of the war, unfolding between Russia and the Ukraine, the topic of energy security is high on every nation’s agenda. The humanitarian crisis is unprecedented and our thoughts are with the millions of refugees leaving the Ukraine and the brave men fighting the war against Russia. The geopolitical consequences of this conflict cannot be underestimated: being less dependent on oil and/or gas imports from other countries and rather being auto sufficient in the energy needs, is what world leaders around the globe are working on. The SwitcH2 FPSO solution is a stand alone, movable solution to provide green energy to local industries and citizens, by making use of the natural resources the earth has given us: the abundance of seawater, wind and waves.

Find the link to the article here.

January 2022 – Good news for green H2 developers

The business case for green hydrogen is getting stronger with the recent EU deliberations around free carbon credits. Read on here.

October 2021 – EU grant application

SwitcH2, jointly with academic and various industry partners, has filed an application under the EIC Pathfinder Program, part of Europe’s Horizon 2020. Siemens Energy acts as a support partner.

For more information about our partners at TU Delft, click here, and for our partners at NOV, click here.

July 2021 – The demand site for green shipping fuels is undisputed

Norwegian’s SINTEF confirms the tremendous demand for green ammonia for long haul shipping.

You can find the full article here.